How group-buying works

Every month a new group is created for both electricity and natural gas in your region. Your region will normally be your entire state or province, not just your small community.

The more people that join your group, the lower your rates become. At the end of the month, if enough people have joined the group, the group goes live and everyone gets new lower rates.

If very few people have joined the group this month, then the group rolls over into next month. In this way, you are guaranteed to get a good rate.

Only once the group grows to at least 25 homeowners or 5 small businesses will the group go live. As more people join, prices will only continue to drop further.

If the group maxes out and prices can’t get any lower, the group can still keep growing and every new person will get the lowest possible rate.

Energy Group Buying EnPowered

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How electricity group-buying works

Your utility will usually charge for your electricity usage in one of two ways: time-of-use or flat rates. In either case, by working together in a group, you can get lower electricity rates.

Time-of-use rates change depending on when you use your electricity, and are usually more expensive during the day, whereas flat rates are flat throughout the day.

Graphs are for illustrative purposes only

Energy Time of use graph Market rate of energy graph

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How natural gas group-buying works

Your natural gas rates will change based on market trends, and they can change quickly. Large companies lock-in low rates but it has been too expensive for everyone else to lock-in their rates.

By working together with other people in your region as a group, you can lock-in your natural gas at the same low commercial rates as large companies.

Natural gas graph

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How the market works

It is important to note that when you join an EnPowered buying-group, your local utility will still provide maintenance, emergency service and all the infrastructure you are used to.

The only thing that changes is what you pay for your energy. For a breakdown of the major players in the energy market, see below.

The energy market

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So, can I do this in my region?

Due to local regulations, EnPowered is only legally allowed to operate in certain markets.

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