How Energy Audits Work

The EnPowered Energy Audit creates highly customized solutions that maximize your energy savings. In order to create these customized solutions, however, we need access to your usage information.

By providing EnPowered with a copy of your energy bills, or giving us access to your hourly usage information, we can complete a full energy audit to outline customized savings opportunities for your business.

EnPowered Bill Audit Single Bill

With one bill, we can look for current savings opportunities at your business

EnPowered Bill Audit Multiple Bills Analysis

With multiple bills, we can use your usage trends and historic bills to find even more savings opportunities

EnPowered Bill Auditing

With your hourly usage information, we can create highly customized savings solutions

Commercial Electricity Energy Audit

EnPowered Bill Auditing

The bill auditing process

Once EnPowered has access to your energy usage history, we will begin to look for savings opportunities. We have found dozens of different solutions, but not all of these will work for your business.

Instead, we will look at your unique usage patterns and build a customized solution to maximize your savings. This will be summarized in an Energy Audit report which will be shared with you within 3 days.

EnPowered Bill Auditing How It Works Market rate of energy graph
EnPowered Commercial Bill Auditing Implementation

Implementation with your utility

With your permission, EnPowered will work directly with your utility to implement all changes on your behalf. We will handle the negotiations and paperwork to ensure you have a seamless transition to your lower rates.

All changes are implemented at no cost to you, and we strive to ensure that there is no impact to your production whatsoever. We manage your transition from start to finish.

EnPowered Progress for Bill Auditing
EnPowered Bill Auditing Savings Chart

Monthly savings reports

Once your savings have been implemented, EnPowered will continually track your usage and costs each month to ensure you are receiving your savings; and to catch any additional savings opportunities that may arise.

Every month, you will be provided with a monthly savings report that clearly outlines your savings by comparing your new rates with your old rates. All rates are referenced from public sources and verifiable.

EnPowered Bill Auditing Savings Chart Comparison
EnPowered Bill Auditing Getting Started

Getting started

It is easy to start saving. All we need is a copy of your energy bill, and within 3 days you will receive your customized energy audit.

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