How do I know if I can switch? What if I'm renting at my location?

If you are the account holder, spouse, or the authorized agent and you pay the bills directly then you can join an EnPowered buying-group. If you don't pay the bills you won't be able to benefit. For example, if your utilities are included in your rent and your landlord or property management group pays the monthly bill then you will not be able to join.


Does it cost me anything to join an EnPowered buying-group?

It is completely free to join an EnPowered buying-group, there are no fees to join the group or set-up costs whatsoever. 


How long does it take for my energy costs to change?

It depends on your utility, but you should see your new rate reflected on your bill within 2 billing cycles (it takes time to change your account details in the utility billing systems).


How will my energy service change if I join the buying-group?

The only thing that changes is the price you pay, your energy will continue to flow as it always has. All the billing, maintenance and emergency services will always be conducted by your local utility.


What happens if I am already on a contract with another retailer?

If you are currently signed up to another Retailer contract but would like to join the EnPowered buying-group, there is a chance that your current Retailer might charge you a cancellation fee. You will have to contact your current Retailer to understand their cancellation policies.


How do I get out of my current contract?

If you are currently on another retailer's contract, you will need to read your contract and contact your supplier to understand their cancellation policies. For those customers in Ontario, you can read our article on how you can minimize or avoid cancellation fees here.


What happens if there is a problem with my energy? Who do I call?

If you have any issues with your service, you should reach out to your local utility.


How does this work

The energy industry can seem pretty confusing, and unfortunately every region has different rules. For a high-level breakdown of how all of this works, see our article here.


How does group-buying work

To understand how the group-buying process works with EnPowered, and how much you can expect to save in most markets, you can read our article here.