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How EnPowered Got Started

October 13, 2017

How EnPowered Got Started

EnPowered got started when our founder’s family farm got locked into a 5-year electricity contract. He knew that there could be a better solution, so he started EnPowered to help everyday consumers control their energy usage and costs.

At EnPowered, we firmly believe that by putting the customer first, we will be successful. From the very beginning, we have aligned our incentives with our customers; no cancellation fees, no long-term commitments, complete transparency and honesty from beginning to end.

Our Journey

EnPowered is a privately owned and operated business. Unlike most of the companies in the energy industry, we are not owned by any of the large energy companies. By growing with the support of our community and customers, we intend to stay independent so that we can ensure our customers are getting the best quality of service and support from a company that is putting their needs first at all times.

We started with a small team in the province of Ontario, Canada. Since then, we have been growing steadily and are now operating in markets across the United States.

Our Mission

EnPowered is a new energy company that is giving Power back to the People. Our goal is to give everyday consumers the tools they need to control their energy usage and costs.

The energy industry is full of door-to-door scams, hidden fees, and no transparency. We are changing this industry step-by-step, starting by delivering an average of 30% savings to our customers.