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How It Works

Through your personalized energy portal, you have access to three sets of tools
that will allow you to control your energy usage and costs.

save up to 30% per year

The Balance Between Savings and Risk

Utility Rate

Fixed Rate

Variable Rate

Capped Rate

Utility Rates Have No Risk but Also No Savings

The simplest option is to simply stay with your utility rate. This is the default rate offered to most consumers, ensuring that you will not have any risks but also will never earn any savings.

EnPowered Energy Retailer Utility Rate Graph Comparison
EnPowered Energy Retailer Portal Preview Image

Ensure You Are Not Getting Burned

The energy industry is complicated, that is why we have created our energy portal to do the work for you. Simply create a free account, and we will monitor and protect your energy for you.

Launching Soon

Apply now. The first 100 sign-ups get free electricity for a year.