Group-Buying with Aggregation

EnPowered can secure very low rates by grouping many customers together in a buying group, greatly lowering your costs whether you represent a condo tower, property management group, or an entire city.

How Group-Buying Works

EnPowered allows you to get lower rates by working together, while still receiving individualized reports and plans.

Condominium Towers

Charities and Non-Profits

Property Managers

Cities and Townships

Condominium Towers

Lower Rates

By aggregating the entire building and all of the individual units, we are able to secure a lower electricity rate.

Individual Reporting

Every month, through an online portal, the board will receive a summary report for the building and each unit-holder will receive their own personalized reports.

High Customizability

The building as a whole, and each unit-holder individually, can customize their plan to support an energy source or reduce their carbon footprint.

EnPowered Energy Condo Buying Group Aggregation

The Group Buying Process

EnPowered Energy Buying Group Aggregation Group-Buying Process

Customer Success Stories

EnPowered Energy Retailer Review Endorsement

$132,000 in Annual Savings Secured

Prestige PM is a property management group with a dozen properties. EnPowered was able to help in reducing their electricity costs at nine of their buildings.

By working with their utility, EnPowered was able to secure over $132,000 in annual savings within 30 days.

"As a property manager, we need to report results to our boards each month. The monthly savings reports are invaluable to us, and I am happy to say that we have been able to show savings every month."

- Rachel Hunt, President

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