About EnPowered

EnPowered was created to help fix the broken energy industry. We are
frustrated with the status quo, and are committed to Giving Power Back to the People.

Message from the Founder

I became interested in the energy industry when my parents’ farm got locked into a 5-year electricity contract. I knew that there could be a better solution, so I started EnPowered to help everyday consumers control their energy usage and costs.

I firmly believe that by putting the customer first, we will be successful. From the very beginning, we have aligned our incentives with our customers; no cancellation fees, no long-term commitments, complete transparency and honesty from beginning to end.

Lets work together to fix this broken industry, and Give Power Back to the People.


Tomas van Stee

Founder, EnPowered

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Our Mission

EnPowered is Giving Power Back to the People. Our goal is to give everyday consumers the tools they need to control their energy usage and costs.

The energy industry is full of door-to-door schemes, hidden fees, and no transparency. We are changing this industry step-by-step, starting by delivering an average of 30% savings to our customers.

Our Journey

Our first step in fixing this industry is to offer our customers a personalized energy portal. We are giving consumers the tools to control their energy cost, energy supply, and risks.

Down the road we will be offering many innovative services to allow our customers to directly control their energy usage. Stay tuned to watch the energy industry change.

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Why EnPowered?

The EnPowered team is dedicated to giving our customers the tools they need to control their energy usage and costs. Learn more about what we can offer you.